Format: Print
Country: Skopje, North Macedonia
Genre: Photography
Year: 2019
In North Macedonia, women are still severely disadvantaged in terms of employment, social security and political participation. Only 35% of women are employed. This puts the country well below the EU average.  
In 'ženi', Aimilia Theofilopoulos portrays five women who stand up for the rights of other women and who do not fit into the norm because of their self-determined life, their (Albanian) origin or their sexual orientation.

‚In a world designed to make you feel small and like you don’t belong, do the most coragions thing: Accept yourself while working on improving your skills and knowledge. Support other women, and understand everyone has their own battle. But no matter what, always speak your truth, even when someone tries to silence you. ‚
 – Sara Milenkovska