Die Wand ist nicht tragend

Format: Print, Book
Country: Germany, Belgium
Genre: Photography
Book Design: Rebecca Butzlaff
Year: 2023-2024

Die Wand ist nicht tragend is about the search for love from the perspective of a queer person. It is about bodies that take up space. It is about power and fascination, about tenderness and pain. 
With Die Wand ist nicht tragend , Aimilia Theofilopoulos invites us to explore the interplay between the body, love and the search for love. But also the deconstruction of social norms and expectations of love and the body. 
Aimilia Theofilopoulos asks themself various questions when it comes to (online) dating: How intimate can the first meeting be? How close can you get for a photo? Is the search for love a need or a field of experimentation? One that needs to be staked out or expanded? Who or what can we love? And how does love behave in the life of a non-binary person? Who and how is love if it were a non-binary person? 
Die Wand ist nicht tragend attempt to unravel and encircle the construct of love and gender relations in a patriarchal world.

Pictures: Malte B. Oing